The online leaderboard maker

The online leaderboard maker

Lets you watch your team succeed in real time

The online leaderboard maker

The online leaderboard maker

Lets you watch your team succeed in real time

With Leaderboarded, engage your entire team with stunningly visualized online scores that can be customized to your unique requirements in less than 5 minutes. No technical skills required.
With our leaderboard maker app’s simple setup, you can see every member’s performance, visualized with branding and color that are distinct to your organization. Data points are transformed into a captivating visual chart that shares the wins and progress of your entire team.
See which players are excelling, which ones have made the most progress and where there is room for improvement, all in one real time digital leaderboard.
Reclaim your time Leaderboarded’s simple setup. Reap the rewards of an engaging visual board that promotes high performance from its members.

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What the add-on does

  • Online Leaderboard Software

    Online Leaderboard Software

    Sharing performance data on a plain spreadsheet doesn’t inspire people to excel. With Leaderboarded’s online leaderboard maker, it’s unbelievably easy to visualize individual and team scores in a fun and motivating way that gives everyone the chance to succeed. Set yours up to your unique specifications in under 5 minutes. No technical ability required.

  • Customizable Leaderboards

    Customizable Leaderboards

    The data you want to visualize is unique to you, and your custom scores can reflect this. Input the metrics you want to see and their title. Get up to 10x more engagement by lining profile pictures to members so you get better buy-in across the board. Easily set the board’s theme in your organization's colors so it’s distinctly your own.

  • Google Sheet Synchronization

    Google Sheets™ Synchronization

    Input your data onto a Google Sheets™ spreadsheet under column titles of your choosing and use the Leaderboarded Add-on to display the corresponding board. Don’t waste time on manual updates – your leaderboard will automatically reflect any updates made to the original data.

Make your own board online!


"Scores are at the heart of the most important stories we tell ourselves. We use them to track our success at every level, whether personal or corporate. A leaderboard focuses everyone on the right score."

Toby Beresford, founder and CEO of Leaderboarded

How to create a leaderboard in Google Sheets™

Create your account on the website

Create your account on the website

Seamlessly sign up with your Google™ account.

Install the Leaderboarded add-on

Install the Leaderboarded add-on

You will be taken to the Google Workspace™ Marketplace to install the Google Sheets™ Leaderboarded extension in one click.

Create your leaderboard in Google Sheets™

Create your leaderboard in Google Sheets™

Find your Leaderboarded add-on on the sidebar. Input the names and scores of your members into the relevant cells. Massively increase engagement by including each player’s profile picture.

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Enjoy your leaderboard on the website 

Follow the URL link on your spreadsheet to view and share your board of leaders on Each time you update data in your linked spreadsheet, it will be reflected in real time. Let’s start creating!

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Use dashboard with all your leaderboards

After registration, you will be able to see all your created leaderboards on one dashboard. You will be able to open, edit or delete the selected leaderboard.

Key Benefits

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Motivate through visualization

Turn your spreadsheets into stunning leaderboards that visualize data in a way your players will take seriously. Watch them excel like never before.

Reclaim your time

Set up unique scoreboards in under 5 minutes, no technical skills required. Automate leaderboards so that they reflect any updates made to their linked spreadsheets.

Make them your own

See high engagement by customizing your leaderboards so they reflect your members and your organization's unique brand.

Build trust

Everyone can see each other’s performance on boards, so you can celebrate the wins together and hold each other accountable.

Gamification: motivate your team to grow

Gamification: motivate your team to grow

Forget spending hours coming up with tactics to motivate your team. By transforming your uninspiring performance spreadsheets into custom leaderboards, you gamify performance.
Leaderboarded’s online boards are a type of gamification dashboard that present members’ data in a visual, fun and context-specific way that motivates performance improvement. With this tool foundation of gamification, each board gives everyone a chance to succeed and instills some healthy competition amongst members
Ready to watch your players win?

Toby Beresford, founder and CEO of Leaderboarded

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Make your own leaderboard with Google Sheets™

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"The competition element of the leaderboard was used to encourage people to keep tweeting. The hashtag ‘#vmablogfast’ was trending top in Australia, and even trended in the top ten internationally on the day! This was very exciting for us"

Carrie Jones

MTV Australia


"The Leaderboarded platform, provided complete flexibility, from defining algorithms and the ability to flex and adjust according to the users needs."

Ben Martin

Automation Squared


Leaderboarded has created healthy competition because the agents don’t want to be at the bottom and they are all striving for the top of the list.

Kevin Welch

Inside Sales Manager, Optime Realty

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  • Do I need technical skills to create a leaderboard?

    All you need is to enter the names of your players and their scores into your Google Sheet™ and then your leaderboard will automatically be generated for you.

  • Does the scoreboard show changes in real time?

    Yes, after making changes to your Google Sheets™, you will see the leaderboard update wherever it is being shown, a few seconds later.

  • Who can view my leaderboard?

    Your leaderboard will be hosted on a secret webpage - only people you share the link to it will be able to see the leaderboard whether that's on their desktop, tablet, mobile or even the big screen.