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What is a sales leaderboard

Sales leaderboards can be a useful tool for understanding team performance. But what are they beyond that? Leaderboards aren’t just a load of numbers on a screen. They are a way to motivate your team to succeed by gamifying achievement. Everyone can see how everyone else is doing. This inspires your team members to take action and improve.

Leaderboards also show your team’s performance in real-time. You can stop collecting performance data on a spreadsheet at the end of each month. Instead, see how your sales reps are performing at any time you choose. You could even display it in your office for your whole team to see!

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Deals won might be an important metric for your organization, but your other key concern is ensuring your team stays consistently motivated. Leaderboards offer a fantastic way to do this by fostering friendly competition and accountability.
Leaderboards can be set up to rank your sales reps across your chosen performance metrics. Maybe you’re interested in deals won, leads created, or other KPIs unique to your organization? Whatever performance data matters to you, a leaderboard offers a fun way to gamify your team’s targets.

Toby Beresford, founder and CEO of Leaderboarded

"Have you ever seen a performance spreadsheet inspire your sales reps to sell at their very best? We didn’t think so. Get better buy-in and foster the good natured competition in your team with stunningly visualized leaderboards."

Toby Beresford, founder and CEO of Leaderboarded

Why make and visualize a sales leaderboard

If your performance spreadsheets aren’t motivating your reps to excel, a leaderboard offers an easy way to visualize performance data in a way that inspires your sales team to succeed.

By using a leaderboard, you can:

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Gamify performance and make succeeding more fun than ever before.

Get better buy-in with data that’s visualized in a way everyone can understand.

Create full transparency across your team.

Foster social accountability and good natured competition as your reps vie for the top spot on the board.

Make your own board online!

How to create a sales leaderboard

To set up a sales leaderboard, you’ll need to:

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    Install the add-on Leaderboarded from Google Workspace™ Marketplace.
    Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets™.
    Choose the performance metric you want to measure.
    List the reps you want to be included on the board in the rows of the spreadsheet.
    Input the score of each rep in the column beside their name.

Key metrics to track on a sales leaderboard

There are no rules to what you can measure on your leaderboard. Whether it be the number of cold calls made, to the amount of revenue made per sales manager, the choice is unique to what matters most to your team.

Here are some examples of performance metrics you could score on a leaderboard:

    Sales emails sent
    Cold calls made
    Deals won
    Revenue influenced
    Conversion rates
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Sales leaderboard template

To get you started, we’ve created a Basic spreadsheet template. It won’t take more than a few minutes to fill out - we promise!
All you have to do is delete the columns with metrics you don’t want to include, then input the names of your sales reps and their corresponding stores. The Leaderboarded add-on will do the rest.

Get ready to watch your team succeed like never before on your own custom leaderboards.

Make your own board online!