How to create а leaderboard in Google Sheets™ and visualize it with Leaderboarded

First of all, you need to sign up and install the Leaderboarded Add-on and copy our Google Sheets™ leaderboard template. Sign up now or read the article "How to sign up on Leaderboarded with Google™ Account".
If you already installed the add-on - just follow the instructions below.

If you want - change the name of your leaderboard. The name of your leaderboard will see on your Dashboard on the Leaderboarded's website.

change the name of your leaderboardIllustration
Add names and profile images of your team

Add names and profile images of your team. Add needed columns, add name of these columns and fill scores.
Interesting! You can also add scores during the process of showing the leaderboard. And you will see changes in real-time (few seconds after you add or change scores).
How to add leaderboard player image - check in our article.

Open the Leaderboarded add-on in the sidebar. And turn on "Automatic ranking" in the section "Automatic ranking".

open the sidebar of the add-on Leaderboarded
Add names and profile images of your team

Choose column to rank on and rank order. Save changes.

Click "VIEW LIVE LEADERBOARD" and see your beautifully visualized leaderboard on the page.

Click "VIEW LIVE LEADERBOARD" and enjoy your leaderboard on the page.

Some advice

added a new sheet
refresh the add-on
the choosing of a worksheet
choose a new worksheet

If you added a new sheet, created another leaderboard and didn't see it in the 'Worksheet"- refresh the add-on after the adding of new sheet: click on "More actions" in the top of the addon's sidebar; click "Refresh".
You will now be able to see your new worksheet in the add-on.

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