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Financial services leaderboard

What is a financial leaderboard

Leaderboards visualize performance metrics that matter to your financial services team to drive motivation and accountability. They’re so much more than just numbers on a screen. They’re a way to gamify achievement and inspire your team to take action and improve.

From number of referrals, amount of funds managed, to number of accounts set up or claims made, there is enormous flexibility to what metrics you want your leaderboard to score for your financial services team.

Collecting performance data on a spreadsheet makes sense, but it’s unlikely to create real stakes, or motivate meaningful improvement.

What is a financial leaderboard

By connecting your metrics to a leaderboard, you unlock the opportunity for everyone to see how they’re doing at any time. Now members can identify where they’re doing well and where their biggest performance opportunities lie. Top scorers can receive the recognition they deserve and inspire the rest of the team to aim high.
There are all kinds of performance metrics that can be measured on a leaderboard by financial service teams. Indeed, we have seen a lot of success when leaderboards are used in this sector.
Whatever performance data matters to your service, a leaderboard offers a fun way to gamify your team’s targets and motivates them to take action.

Toby Beresford, founder and CEO of Leaderboarded

"Get everyone on the same page, or should we say board, with leaderboards customized for your financial service team’s performance metrics of interest. Unlock performance the likes of which you’ve never seen before as your team members aim for the top spot."

Toby Beresford, founder and CEO of Leaderboarded

In which sectors financial leaderboards can be used

Leaderboards can be easily created to display metrics of importance to your organization, and more specifically, your core team.

We have seen successful use cases of leaderboards across the financial services sectors below, but there will be many more areas where they can be used effectively:


Measure number of claims lodged, accounts set-up and more.



Measure number of tax returns filed, audits completed, number of billable hours and other key metrics.


Measure number of accounts opened, referrals, emails sent, deals won and more.

Investment Banking

Measure value of funds managed, number of clients landed, and more.

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Managers who have used leaderboards often mention these benefits:

Managers who have used leaderboards often mention these benefits
    You’re able to gamify performance and make high performance the benchmark.
    You can get better buy-in with data that’s visualized in a way everyone can understand.
    Leaderboards create full transparency across the team.
    You can display them in the office for everyone to see.
    No longer have to collect performance data in the form of weekly and monthly reports and can instead see how everyone’s doing in real-time.
    Leaderboards foster accountability and good spirited competition within the branch.

Financial scoreboard template

To set up a leaderboard, you’ll need to:

    Create a spreadsheet.
    Choose the performance metric(s) you want to measure and list them in the columns.
    List the players you want to be included on the board in the rows of the spreadsheet.
    Input the score of each player in the column beside their name.

Now you need a way to translate your performance data into a leaderboard. We recommend using leaderboard maker software. With Leaderboarded’s Google Sheet™ add-on, you can easily transform your spreadsheet to a stunningly visualized scoreboard with no extra manual work.

Financial scoreboard template

To get you started, we’ve created a leaderboard template on Google Sheets. It won’t take more than a few minutes to fill out - we promise!
All you have to do is delete the columns with metrics you don’t want to include, add the ones you do, then input the names of your team members and their corresponding scores.
Then, download the Leaderboarded add-on on the Google App Marketplace. Once installed, you’re just a few clicks away from translating your spreadsheet into your own custom scoreboard.

Get ready to watch your team succeed like never before!

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