Gamification leaderboard

Gamification can have a huge impact on producing the outcomes you want to see

Gamification leaderboard

What is gamification

Gamification’s definition is just as it sounds. It’s the use of elements you might see in a game applied to all sorts of processes to promote better performance. These game elements may include a competition element, point scoring, rewards and rules.

We won’t bore you with the science behind why features of games can be so motivating, but we will tell you this: gamification can have a huge impact on producing the outcomes you want to see.

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Managers across many different industries are seeing encouraging results from using gamification in their processes. From faster learning, more ideas, to higher engagement, the benefits of gamification are widespread. And - we’ve only scratched the surface here of all the benefits it can offer you.

What are Leaderboards

Leaderboards are a great use case of gamification and a powerful tool to see achievement in action. A leaderboard can show you how its members are performing on a metric, or metrics, of interest to you.


Sounds straightforward, right? Well, yes, but leaderboards are so much more than a bunch of scores on a screen.
They are a way to motivate your team to succeed by gamifying achievement. Everyone can see how everyone else is doing. This inspires members to take action and improve.

Gamification leaderboards can also show performance in real-time. You can stop collecting data on an uninspiring spreadsheet. Instead, see how everyone’s doing at any time you choose. You could even display your scoreboard somewhere where everyone can see. Nothing like stirring up a bit of friendly competition to motivate people to improve!

Gamification leaderboards can also show performance in real-time

Whatever metrics matter to you, a leaderboard offers a simple, fun way to motivate performance

Gamification Leaderboard Examples

There are many examples of use cases for leaderboards. We have seen a lot of success with gamification scoreboards in:

Gamification Leaderboard Examples
    Financial services
    Real estate

Gamification Leaderboard Template

There are no rules to what you can measure on your gamification scoreboard. Whether it be the number or percentage of times an action is completed, or even the monetary value of an action, you have a lot of freedom to measure what matters most to you.

Here are some examples of performance metrics you could score on a leaderboard:

    Number of times an action is completed
    Daily streaks
    Revenue influenced
    Monetary value
    Percentage of times an action is completed
    Rate of success

Your gamification scoreboards don’t have to be limited to one performance metric, either. Mix and match so you can see how your members are performing across each. Then everyone can see what areas they’re doing well in and where they’ve got room for improvement!
To get you started, we’ve created a Basic leaderboard template to give you some ideas about what type of performance metrics you can score. It won’t take more than a few minutes to fill out - we promise!
Just delete the columns with metrics you don’t want to include, add ones you do, then input the names of your leaderboard’s members and their scores.
Then download the Leaderboarded add-on from the Google Workspace™ Marketplace and in just a few clicks you can make your very own custom scoreboard, which will update in real time to reflect any changes made to your linked spreadsheet.

Get ready to watch your team succeed!

Let's create your own gamification leaderboard