About Toby Beresford


Toby Richard de La poer Beresford, Leaderboarded’s founder and CEO, is an experienced digital media innovator, a gamification thought leader and author and one of the worlds top experts’ in learning and development.



Durham University

BSc Hons, Computer Science


As part of his vision of a more digitally enabled future, Toby has participated in the development of the Running World Cup, founded an agnostic data storytelling platform called rise.global and Portalry, a social metaverse curation app. Toby has also authored a book called Infinite Gamification where he outlines how to design foundational scoring systems that drive positive behavior change.He lives outside London with a busy family.

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Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Trinity College Bristol

Author's articles:


Use Case: How Conference Organizers used Leaderboarded to get Heaps of Free Publicity